Cartier Matache: film

Matache area, in downtown Bucharest, has gone through radical changes that have influenced the community, leaving the neighborhood in a state of social and economic disintegration.

The documentary film “Matache – Berzei Buzesti” made by Dragos Lumpan is based on extensive footage. Changes in the area were recorded in videos, timelapse and photographs taken during 2010 – 2016. The film includes interviews with architects, urbanists, civil society representatives, residents in the area. And with the former mayor of Bucharest, Sorin Oprescu.

In 2013, the civic society’s protests against historical buildings being demolished have raised attention over the need for regeneration and integration of the new road with urban projects of larger scale. Today, though, the area is abandoned by the administration and appears as an immense unhealed wound.

The movie offers an objective perspective over a specific urban tissue and is an example and case study for cities who deal with the same type of issues. Furthermore, one of its goals is to reopen the subject towards reactivating this area that divides the centre from the Northern Railway Station (the gate to the city).





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